Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Urbano C&H Wallpaper.

These amazing 3D Designs were just sent to us from a Brazilian Designer.
Many thanks to Urbano for the work


David and Bill said...

many thanks again to Urbano for this excellent work!

Urbano Rodriguez said...

I want to say thank you to David and Bill for the comments, I'm very glad and proud to have my work here!

A R Kleeman. said...

Wow these really are some brilliant images. I'm absolutely amazed at the incredible detail that these photo's show of the ring....Fantastic!

Karl Elvis said...

THose are so great. Wow.

Klaus Ullmann said...

Very fast delivery within one day from England to Germany and a fantastic ring.
A big thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just got my ring; it fucking rocks. The pictures look great, but in your hand and on my finger it looks sublime. Good weight to it, buy with confidence. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

The ring is really phenomenal, my need to be resized, my mistake! I sent two emails to know the correct procedure for forwarding by mail and have received no response.
I wonder if the same has happened to someone, and how was solved whith Courts and Hackett design.

DT69 said...

I just got one of these for Christmas and this ring is by far the coolest ring in my collection of all things SKULLS! I am a skull fanatic, I have countless skulls tattooed on me and this ring is my favorite skull item by far. Quality, weight and design are awesome. It is also very comfortable to wear. You get what you pay for and this ring is worth every penny!

Hammer said...

What a masterpiece, the ring is just amazing! Fit perfectly! Very detailed!

Your great service and professionalism is highly appreciated! You have
got a fan here for your artwork!

kcaven said...

Im wondering..........if someone could answer this question-
How big is the ring on your finger?
I bought one of way lesser quality-looks good but......its so SMALL.....looks like a small ladies ring
measures half an inch X half an inch
is this one any larger than that?
thanks to anyone who can help!

Phil said...

This is no ladies ring,,,it is the biggest skull ring that I own and I have pretty big fingers...index finger is 14. If you bought the knock off I have the same one and that one is way smaller. Buy this ring,,,you will not regret it.

Big Phil

Tom said...

I just received my ring and WOW! Unbelievable! This thing is HUGE, solid, and heavy! And the detail is utterly remarkable. The pictures on your web site do not do it justice. And the packaging is first rate. Excellent, excellent job. Thank you for taking the pride and professionalism you do. It’s quite evident in the results of your work.



Tom said...

Hi Curt & Hackett. 
The ring has arrived! Thank you very much for this very nice Ring!! He is wonderful! im very hapy of this spezial Skull Ring!!
 best wishes from Swizerland

deane said...

A really nice design. Got sized up by a jeweller, went one size up as advised... and the ring sent is two sizes larger again. I can't afford to pay another $200 to have it posted back to me again (as per C&H policy, ie, buyer pays no matter who is at fault) on top of what it would cost to return it in the first place. Looking at other blogs, apparently inaccurate sizing is common - more common than it should be for a $500 ring, I would have thought. Careless and unprofessional in my opinion. My advice to others is, if you're overseas, don't bother. It could end up costing you the best part of a grand.